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QBS are proud to annouce they are a Partner Solution Provider for VMware.

VMware, the global leader in Business Infrastructure Virtualisation, delivers proven virtualisation solutions—from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud—that energise business, while saving energy. IT organisations in companies of all sizes rely on VMware and its industry-leading platform, VMware vSphere, to achieve a more efficient, controlled and flexible IT environment.

VMware Volume Purchasing Program

The new accumulative VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) provides incremental, tier-based discounts for VMware customser over a rolling two-year period. VPP offers online tools that Vmware customers and their authorised affiliate can use to track and manage VPP memberships and discounts.

Key benefits:

  • Received financial inventives when you purchase VMware products in volumes with discounts on eligible licences products.
  • Achieve budget predictability since discounts are guaranteed for up to two years.
  • Simplify your acquisition of VMware software through a standardised purchasing program.
Level Point Range Discount
L1 250-599 4%
L2 600-999 6%
L3 1000-1749 9%
L4 1750+ 12%

Summary of VPP Program Features

Accumulation and Points
Entry Threshold 250 points minimum
Minimum Subsequent Purchase None
Points Accumulation Period Rolling 8 quarters
Points Roll-Off Points earned in given quarter will roll off the accumulated total on the first day of the 9th quarter
Discount Available On 4 discounts levels ranging from 4%-12% for points values ranging from 250-1750+
Customers who can participate All customers
Partners who can participate Corporate reseller; global system integrator; OEM corporate reseller; and premier and enterprise level of the following: solution provider, system builder, and technology provider partners
Products that contribute to points total Most VMware products and services except renewals

Product Eligibility

Most VMware licence and SnS products, except renewals, contribute towards customer qualification in VPP. However, VPP discounts are only applied to the licence portion of a customer’s purchase. Services and SnS renewals are excluded from discounting under the program.


VMware has established and maintains a VPP point value for each available and eligible VMware product. For most products, one VPP point is roughly worth $100 USD or a similar amount in local currency. Point values may vary. The list of products and points can be found using the VPP Configurator. Points cannot be redeemed for VMware products or services. The point value of a given product is the same across all geographies. Points are rounded up to the nearest whole point. Points may deviate from our guideline for promotions. Example: vSphere Enterprise Plus is worth 35 VPP points no matter where, or in what currency, the product was purchased.

Minimum Purchase Requirements

In order to qualify for a VPP discount and to accumulate points, a minimum subsequent purchase of 250 points or greater is required. Once a VPP customer has qualified for a VPP discount and maintains a balance minimum of 250 points, there is no minimum follow-on purchase requirement


Discounts are only offered for the licence portion of the purchase. There are four levels of discount for which VPP members may qualify. As illustrated in the example below, Level 1 (L1) represents the entry-level discount, with Level 4 (L4) representing the highest level of discount offered in VPP.

To qualify for discounts, a VPP member must submit a PO worth 250 points or more. The points earned on this initial order will determine the first VPP discount level for which the customer is eligible. As a VPP member places subsequent orders, all newly earned points will be added to the accumulated total to determine the new eligible discount level.

Purchase Data Point Accumulated Total Points Discount BLevel
1/15/2011 500 500 L1
6/30/2011 600 1100 L2