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Visual Integrity Technologies

Visual Integrity was founded in 1993 to develop solutions to bridge incompatibilities between applications on UNIX and Microsoft Windows. Initial customers were technical writers who needed to use drawings designed by engineers in proprietary UNIX systems in Windows-based publishing systems. The product line includes add-ons for Microsoft Office users, enterprise developer tools and specialised programs for engineers and scientists.

QBS Software

    Desktop tool for converting Microsoft Windows metafiles into vector and image formats. Transform graphics, forms and other content from Microsoft Windows applications into UNIX, Web, XML, CAD, imaging and PostScript print environments.
    Converts PostScript, EPS and PDF files into editable formats for inclusion in viewing, authoring and publishing systems. All formats support a variety of filter options ensuring a top-quality match with the original.
  • pdf2cad
    Converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files that can be opened and edited in AutoCAD and other popular engineering programs and saved in native CAD formats such as DWG for AutoCAD.

  • pdf2image
    PDF conversion tool that converts files into high-quality JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP images for publishing on websites or for use in Microsoft Windows applications retaining size and resolution.
  • pdf2picture
    PDF conversion tool that converts PDF content into high-fidelity pictures and images for use in Microsoft Windows applications. Use vector mode to extract objects and text for editing and image mode for web use.
  • pdf2svg
    Automated scalable vector graphic tool for producing high-quality web-ready W3C standard images that preserve the orginal file formatting and attributes such as fonts, colours and orientation.
  • pdf2text
    Automation engine for extracting text from PDF files on desktop machines using a command-line to script routines and pull ASCII text with placement, stripped ASCII text or an ASCII preview or a summary of the first few lines of the file.